70 East Central Street, Franklin

Camford Property Group is excited to bring you luxury condos in an inviting, walk-able neighborhood that is moments from Downtown Franklin. These beautiful condos boast high ceilings, hardwood floors, artistic moldings, and customizable luxury. With a quick, 5‑minute walk to the Commuter Rail and adjacent to I-495, these condos are all about location, location, location!


Status: In Development (Spring 2018-2019) | Size: 12 Residential Units & 2 Commercial Units

205 East Central Street Franklin

This iconic, six-suite office building in Franklin is located on the corner lot of a busy intersection on Route 140. Camford saw an opportunity to revitalize the aging building; through extensive interior and exterior renovations, 205 East Central was moved from a Class C to a Class B commercial space. The interior redesign included handicap accessible bathrooms, larger windows and a modern main entrance. The new entrance dramatically changed the pedestrian flow into the building, making it more comfortable and accessible for our tenants and their customers.


Status: Completed (Summer 2017-Fall 2017) | Size: 6 Units

37-39 East Central Street, Franklin

This charming, old building houses the office of Camford Property Group, where all aspects of our projects are handled. Everything from construction and design to management of sales and leasing happens here! We pride ourselves in our ability to handle all aspects of a project and how we can bring our ideas through the drafting phase into the construction/design phase and finally into completion. Even once the job is complete, we are still there every step of the way – caring for the leasing and maintenance of our properties. And it’s all done right here in Franklin by our talented staff!



Status: Completed (Fall 2014-Spring 2015) | Size: 4 Units